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Stendker Discus and Discus Hans USA

Posted in German Discus Fish with tags , , , on July 9, 2010 by discushans

Discus Hans USA has been growing every month since we started in our Baltimore Fish House a few years ago.  Our partnership with Stendker Discus has enabled us to bring  the Highest Quality  Discus Fish for your Aquariums.

Through the Stendker Families dedication to the art of  breeding Discus Fish the have created a reputation as one of the World’s Best Discus Breeders.  Discus Hans USA has brought that same passion for Discus to the United States and the Tropical Fish hobby. It is now easier than ever to go online and get connected with the Best  Discus Fish in the World.

Discus Hans Online Store Coming Very Soon!!

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Huge Discus for Sale $150 Each ?? Yes we are Serious !

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Discus Hans USA has the Best Deals of Discus Fish for Sale.  Hans is now offering 6-7 in Stendker Discus Fish Direct to the Customer. These fish are the large size you want for you show tank but with No work involved of raising them. If you have never tried Stendker Discus or have never had the pleasure of dealing with Discus Hans USA now is the time!!! Look at some of these beauties!!