Red Pigeon Blood Discus Fish

Red Pigeon Blood Discus Fish

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10 Responses to “Red Pigeon Blood Discus Fish”

  1. Fernando Huerta Says:

    how much are your red pigeon blood discus fish?

  2. ramon perez Says:


  3. ramon perez Says:

    How much are your red pigeon blood discus fihs ? please send mi a price list

  4. Would like price list of your available fish please.

  5. For all prices you can go to:

    It’s our online store,

    Discus Hans USA

  6. Phuong huynh Says:

    Hi I like to buy red pigeon blood, sliver pigeon blood, cobotl discus, blue pigeon blood, and blue diamon discus. 2.5-3 in, let how much are they how I can have them,

  7. Phuong huynh Says:

    Yes I am

  8. Can you send me a price list of you’re pigeon blood discus plz and thank you

  9. you can find all our stock, prices and order here

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

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