Blue Pigeon Blood Discus Fish

Blue Pigeon Blood Discus Fish

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The Blue Pigeon Blood Discus is a favorite in the Tropical Fish Stores and hobbyist who purchase our German Discus Fish.

The Stendker Blue Pigeon Blood has a Blueish White base color with random Red and Orange Spots and Patterns. Most Pigeon Blood Discus Fish will vary in markings from fish to fish. We have the following size Discus Fish For Sale at our Discus Import Facility in Baltimore, MD.

  • 2.5 inch Blue Pigeon Blood Discus          In Stock
  • 3.0 inch Blue Pigeon Blood Discus           In Stock
  • 4.0 inch Blue Pigeon Blood Discus            In Stock
  • 5.0 inch Blue Pigeon Blood Discus           In Stock
  • Jumbo  Blue Pigeon Blood Discus              In Stock

3 Responses to “Blue Pigeon Blood Discus Fish”

  1. Susan B. Loggans Says:

    please send link we we discussed to show me what adults you have availible for sale.


  2. Susan B. Loggans Says:

    Please email what stock you have left in blue pigeon blood discus. Looking for jumbo. When to call to order please?

    Thank you.

    Sue B. Loggans

  3. Please go to there are all the prices,

    best regards,
    Discus Hans USA

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