Fire Red Discus Fish

Fire Red Discus Fish

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The Fire Red Discus Fish is a one of the Best Selling Tropical Fish available. The intense deep Red Discus Fish will make anyone stop and look at the tank. Stendker Discus  are know for there huge size and intense coloration and The Fire Red Discus is the perfect example. We have hundreds available at our Baltimore Tropical Fish Warehouse

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  • 2.5 inch Fire Red Discus          In Stock
  • 3.0 inch Fire Red Discus           In Stock
  • 4.0 inch Fire Red Discus            In Stock
  • 5.0 inch Fire Red Discus           In Stock
  • Jumbo  Fire Red Discus              In Stock

19 Responses to “Fire Red Discus Fish”

  1. I like to know your price for 2.5 inch Fire Red Discus and your address. I am in Rockville, Maryland.

  2. Frank,

    send me an email at and I will reply with a total stock/price list,

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  3. Monica Smith Says:

    Im looking to buy a male and a female fire red discus, i want them to be at least the 4.0in. what is your cost and can you guarantee that I will receive one of each sex?

  4. Liangming Says:

    I like to know the price of 2.5 inch to 3 inch and shipping cost… i live at charlestown, ma 02129 Thx you !!!!

  5. thomas e freeman Says:

    would like the price fire red discus.

  6. Do these have get the black peppering like the marlboro discus?

  7. […] Fire Red Breeding Discus Pairs […]

  8. Hi thinking about stocking my 90 gallon tank with discus can you give a price list to look at?


  9. Hello !!!
    I am from Mumbai in India and I am going to the 8th International discus Competition in Duisberg in Germany in Sept. I am looking out for some very good quality discus and I find your Fire Red discus highly attractive. I want to have some babies. I have 2 questions.
    1) Is this discus colour fed or it is natural red colour.
    2) Can I buy these discus fry from Stendker discus in Germany ? Since I am going there I can pick up a few. Can you help me with the breeder Stendker in Germany ?
    Will be highly obliged to you for your help.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Best regards,
    Vispi. C. Mistry.

  10. hello there sir, i talk to one of you guys about your discus. please send me a list price on your fire red discus. im also interested in pairs too..

  11. c.K.Kacirek Says:

    Send prices for Fire red of all sizes plus pairs.Thanks Charles

  12. Can you please give me the price for your 5 inch and Jumbo Fire Red Discus

  13. a friend owns some of your discus and has convinced me to order some of your fish the next time he purchases from you. i really like the solid fire reds that i have seen. i am interested in fish around the 3″ range. what would i be looking at price wise on that?

  14. Hi Tiana,

    take a look over here

    It’s our online store you can find all prices there,

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  15. Send me a price list on all and package

  16. Taj,

    take a look over here

    It’s our online store you can find all prices there,

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  17. How much are your 4inch fire red discus.

  18. cesar suarez Says:

    Please send price list of your current stock of discus and list of wilds thank you.

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