Wild Heckel Discus For Sale

We have recently released our Heckels from quarantine. They are truly beautiful Wild Discus Fish. These Heckels are about 6-7 inches and are all gorgeous and eating our homemade Beefheart mixture. The Heckel Discus are very sought after by the aquarium hobbyist when trying to create a amazon biotope type aquarium display. The Wild Heckels can come in many different variations and crosses that are naturally found in Central Brazil’s Rio Maderia system. The base color light brown to full brown. They have horizontal striations usually starting at the face going to the end of the body. The most prominent feature that makes these Wild Discus so unique is the prominent fifth vertical bar. Discus Hans USA is your source for Clean, and high quality Wild Discus Fish for Sale in the United States.


8 Responses to “Wild Heckel Discus For Sale”

  1. Edward Curran Says:

    Do you ever come across F-1 heckel discus? Thanks Ed

  2. Ed Curran Says:

    How much for the Heckel discus?, I’m thinking five.

  3. Bob Wiley Says:

    Do you have any wild discus in stock at this time? if so what do you have and do you have any pictures of the to share as well as pricing?

  4. Beginning of July we get in:

    02 boxes Coari green discus lg size., 08/box = u$ 140.00 (6 SOLD)
    02 boxes Jutai green discus red spotteds lg size 08/box u$ 180.00 (4 SOLD)
    03 boxes guariba blue heckels lg/xlg size 06/box = u$ 180.00 (SOLD)
    01 box Alenquer inanu discus lg size 08/box = u$ 180.00 (4 SOLD)
    02 boxes Nhamunda discus lg xlg size 06/box = u$ 200.00 (4 SOLD)
    01 box nhamunda semi royal red base discus lg size 08/box = u$ 120.00
    01 box Ayapuá semi royal discus lg /xlg size 06/box = u$ 180.00
    01 box Ayapuá semi royal discus ml/lg 08/box = u$ 110.00

  5. Ismael Canonigo Says:

    Hello there…can you pls send me your current stock/price lists of all your wild strain discus, i’m interested on buying some.
    Thank you very much.
    Best Regards

  6. DEnnis St John Says:

    I am interested in Heckel Discus. Can you send me an email alert when you have them available.


  7. Don Harris Says:

    Do you have pricelist for your various strains of wild discus and availability list? I would like to receive a copy please.

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