Stendker Discus and Discus Hans USA

Discus Hans USA has been growing every month since we started in our Baltimore Fish House a few years ago.  Our partnership with Stendker Discus has enabled us to bring  the Highest Quality  Discus Fish for your Aquariums.

Through the Stendker Families dedication to the art of  breeding Discus Fish the have created a reputation as one of the World’s Best Discus Breeders.  Discus Hans USA has brought that same passion for Discus to the United States and the Tropical Fish hobby. It is now easier than ever to go online and get connected with the Best  Discus Fish in the World.

Discus Hans Online Store Coming Very Soon!!

  • Tefe’ Discus Fish
  • Spotted Pigeon Blood Discus Fish
  • Snakeskin Pigeon Blood Discus Fish

6 Responses to “Stendker Discus and Discus Hans USA”

  1. Philip ( Philmano Aquatics) Says:

    Hi there

    I have 2 customers that have requested Stendker discus. What I need to know is what are your water parameters, temp, micro seimens. I imported directly from Stendker before,but it has been awhile. I know Stendkers discus comes with a high micro seimens and we had to gradually acclimatise them to our water which comes at 150 micro seimens. i would also like to know whether you export to cape Town South Africa,and if so a price list of the different strains will be appreciated.


  2. Hi Philip, sorry we do only USA if you want them in SA again you’ve to contact Stendker ~ Germany direct,

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  3. Hello,
    I am from the Philadelphia area. I was interested in prices for a Flachen or Cobalt Discus. I am looking for fish larger than 4 Inches. Please let me know what I should expect to pay for these types of fish.

  4. Hi,

    take a look over here

    It’s our online store you can find all prices there,

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  5. David D. From Revere, MA Says:

    We stopped in on our way back from the Outer Banks from vacation to bring back some fish to our home in Boston. Hans was there to greet us and entertain us as well as he has a great personality and someone you can talk to, ask dumb questions without feeling intimidated. I must say my experience was great in visiting and purchasing fish from Hans. We came in with a couple of fish in mind and ended up leaving with four different fish as they all were stunning. Loved the experience. I would recommend anyone buying discus fish from Hans. I will be a repaet customer I am sure.

  6. Ginger Read Says:

    I placed and order for five Discus and I am thrilled with them. Not only did Hans email me, but he also called me, twice. He was so nice and helpful. You can feel very safe in placing an order with him.

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