Silver Pigeon Blood Discus Fish

Silver Pigeon Discus Fish

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11 Responses to “Silver Pigeon Blood Discus Fish”

  1. can u send me a price list of your discus thank you

  2. fernando ramos Says:

    do you send live discus to Puerto Rico

  3. would you please send me a price lists of your discus… i pefer in juvenile stage

    Thank you
    Tuan Le

  4. Possible to send me price list with sizes, is it possible to send to Egypt, I want to quickly


  5. if you could please send me your list of prices and shipping to 79912 (el paso tx) thank you very much

  6. Kristine Corso Says:

    Hello, we keep missing the discus we want at Uncle Neds and was wondering how much it would be for a 3″ Silver Pigeon Blood and a 3″ Fire Red delivered to Stoneham, MA 02180. Thanks so much. Kristine

  7. Bill Hibbits Says:

    can you send me a list of available discus and prices, looking for 5 or 6 to grow out to breed, I really like you pigeon bloods , and shipping for them to weirton wv. 26062

  8. Was wondering if I could be sent the price of a 5″ or so Silver Pigeon blood, preferably a male.

  9. For all prices you can go to:

    It’s our online store,

    Discus Hans USA

  10. Kristine Lewis Says:

    Im interested in 2 of these guys….can you give me a price for 2 1/2 inch discus

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