Breeding Pairs of Discus For Sale

Contact us Today for a Breeding Discus Pairs that are in Currently  Stock and Ready for Purchase !



25 Responses to “Breeding Pairs of Discus For Sale”

  1. Please send me a price list for your discus and breeding pairs that are available. Wish I knew your place existed before I moved away from Baltimore! =(


    HI, I am interested in a breeding pair I like your video but how do you know what is for sale and how much please reply I am from georgia what is your shipping policy, THANK YOU TIM CHAMBERS

  3. Hi , im interested in breeding discus pair. Would you sen me your price list?

  4. David Wellington Says:

    I am interested in buying breeding pairs of discus. can you send some details of any fish you have available
    Thanks Dave


    Please send a price list on your discus pairs for sale.



  6. all blue pair price……. also all red pair price

  7. Please send a confirmed pair of discus with prices/ pictures.
    Looking for reds or blues

  8. I am interested i buying several pairs and would like a price list , intrested ruby red, red tourquise , wild caught and blue diamonds

  9. Michael Hyun Says:

    Hi, I am very interested in the pairs of discus you had posted in March for $400.00. If you still have any turquoise, blue diamond, or marlboro reds, I can come pick them up myself. thanks in advance

  10. […] We have Thousands of Discus Fish in Stock. And over a hundred Breeding Discus Pairs for Sale. […]

  11. David Wellington Says:

    Dear hans: I am very much into breeding discus, so much that I brought a pair from another dealer. the fish seem to be mated and into each other but have yet to find the formula to get them to breed. they are about a 4-5″ fishes and I am wondering if they are mature enough. I had received an email from you about the 7″ discus that you were selling and I really wanted to buy a few of the larger discus to see if the older fish were more willing to breed or if it was a situational / condition thing with the pair that I all ready have. I’m interested in the pairs that you have and the cost, are some of the pairs that you are selling a larger fish like about 6-7″ fish. I have space for about 4 more fish and have liked the selection on your web page.

    let me know would love to hear from you

    David Wellington

  12. Andy Henderson Says:

    lpease send me a price list for your fish .Thankyou very much. Andy

  13. mustafa massad Says:

    hi please can you tel me the sutable zise of breeding discuos and the water as ph and tds and more information to breed discous
    thank you so much

  14. hi…….am intruisting in a pair of discus send me prices list

  15. Hello i am interested in your price lists for your breeding pairs. thank you

  16. Hi Nick,

    you can find all our prices in our online store

    Proven pairs are $400.00 each.


  17. hello han, please email me for price of your breeding pairs, thankyou!!
    if i buy more than 3 pair , will you gave me a good deal thank!!

  18. Henry,

    you can find our pairs/maybe pair for sale here: we keep the up dates on there to, maybe pairs that are proven and the sold pairs,


  19. Chantell Hager Says:

    Wondering if any pairs are available and pricing.

  20. Hi Chantell,

    a movie and the pairs for sale you can find here:

    I update the list in that post as soon as 1 of the pairs is sold and if an unproven pair prove them self,

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  21. Dawn Marie Holderness Says:

    I would like to purchase a breeding pair prefer the orange and white. How much do the pair sell for?

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