Discus Hans USA Blog needs more Posts!!

Hello everybody we need more of you to post and contribute to growing our blog into the Best Resource for Quality Discus Fish for Sale.

Please Keep posting we will starting to give rewards for good content and frequent posting


5 Responses to “Discus Hans USA Blog needs more Posts!!”

  1. When I was breeding Discus in the 1990s I was trying hard to find Flubenal. I finally asked Hans thinking he may still be in Germany, if he knew a source. Two weeks later 1 litre shows up in the mail free of charge no questions asked. I could not believe someone I had never met or talked to could be so gracious. I am going to expand my hatchery and will be visiting and ordering from Hans.
    Thankyou Hans and all the best to you.

  2. keith mckeon Says:

    AWSOME is what i think of Discus Hans, From the 1st email with questions Hans always took the time to answer , to the arrival of the top notch Discus , Hans has be the best at what he does. I ordered 6 -2.5 ” for myself and 5 – 4” for my son. The packing was incredible. The quality of fish was more than i expected. I will only order from Hans. Again thank you Hans.

  3. keith mckeon Says:

    I just received my 2nd order from Discuss Hans, Incredibly happy!!!. So far i have ordered 15 discuses from Hans from 4 inch to 2.5 inches. They are healthy and adapting well, i even have 2 who are pairing up and laying eggs. I will continue to order from Hans. Best discus out there. I see a 3rd tank coming…..THANKS HANS

  4. Thank YOU Keith!!!!


  5. Mark Slezak Says:

    Here are the 4 Discus I got from Hans today, I have them in a 129 gallon Aquarium with my 6 Angelfish 2 baby Bala Sharks, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuJuC76o8lw&feature=share

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