Red Turquoise Discus Fish

Red Turquoise Discus Fish

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7 Responses to “Red Turquoise Discus Fish”

  1. Charles McCullough Says:

    I am looking for a red turquoise male, do you have one and do I need any permits to ship to Canada

  2. looking for red turquoise and pidgeon blood pairs. also looking for good deals on wild caught adults. rio purus or manacura strains. thank you


    Please provide current prices for the following:
    Brilliant Turquoise
    Marlboro Red
    Red Scribbled
    Red Turquoise
    I would be willing to pick them up at your facility in Baltimore. I live about 4 hrs drive south of Baltimore in Lynchburg, VA.
    Thank you for your attention.
    BTW, I’ve owned your Marlboro Reds and Red Truquoise. Still have the RTs. Beautiful fish!
    John Peniche
    Lynchburg, vA

  4. need pricing on red tuqouise discus–need between 8 to 12 total

    2 1/2 inch to 4inch size

    these will go into 150 gallon show tank…looking for really vivid red
    and turqouise coloring all thru the body

    thanks Hans

  5. For all prices you can go to:

    It’s our online store,

    Discus Hans USA

  6. I recently purchased 12 – 2.5 discus from Hans. 4 of which are Red Turquoise. These fish are healthy and beautiful…just perfect! I read reviews before purchasing from other postings and researching online. I read great things about purchasing from Discus Hans, I’ve never ordered fish online so I was slightly skeptical, but Hans blew me away with his shipment of fish, his response to my email, the follow up phone call that I received, and even after the purchase….Hans has been there for me every step of the way with answering my questions and setting me at ease of being a parent of 12 young discus! I highly recommend purchasing from Discus Hans and I will definitely spread the word and order more discus in the future! Hans, I might just come down to Baltimore one of these days and pay you a visit to get more fish!

  7. I am only sorry I have one tank to stock. Since I live fairly close to DH, I was able to hand pick my six Red Turks and carry them home. The next day they were out and about and feeding without problems. The best part of the trip was seeing the warehouse (maybe the hardest part as well; so much to choose from). Hans was great and spent a lot of time answering all my questions. If you are a first time Discus owner spend the extra money for larger fish, you will not be disappointed. BTW Hans has some amazing Angel fish as well.

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