Highest Quality Wild Discus For Sale

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Stendker Discus and Discus Hans USA

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Discus Hans USA has been growing every month since we started in our Baltimore Fish House a few years ago.  Our partnership with Stendker Discus has enabled us to bring  the Highest Quality  Discus Fish for your Aquariums.

Through the Stendker Families dedication to the art of  breeding Discus Fish the have created a reputation as one of the World’s Best Discus Breeders.  Discus Hans USA has brought that same passion for Discus to the United States and the Tropical Fish hobby. It is now easier than ever to go online and get connected with the Best  Discus Fish in the World.

Discus Hans Online Store Coming Very Soon!!

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Buying Adult Discus For Sale

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When considering Buying your First Discus Fish many people fall in love with the Beautiful Full colored adult Discus Fish in pictures. However many people think instead of paying for a young adult Discus Fish, they will buy them at a smaller size and then will grow them on their own. This idea can create many problems in your Discus Fish ownership experience.

First of all when buying a smaller discus fish you will need to pay much more attention to the overall water quality. The young fish tend to be more sensitive to the changes from one day to another. You will need to feed the fish multiple time though out the day to keep the fish growing and healthy. Almost twice daily Aquarium Water Changes are suggested for optimal growth. If the fish gets “stunted in this time” it may NEVER grow into a Beautiful Adult Discus Fish.

In our opinion it is worth spending the extra 50 bucks to get a Discus Fish that you know you love the look of. Discus Fish are all unique just like people, so we never know what juveniles will turn into.

Our prices on Young Adult Discus are around $150 for a 5-6in Discus Fish.

Discus Hans USA Blog needs more Posts!!

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Hello everybody we need more of you to post and contribute to growing our blog into the Best Resource for Quality Discus Fish for Sale.

Please Keep posting we will starting to give rewards for good content and frequent posting

Blue Face Heckel Discus Fish

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We had some beautiful Wild Blue Face Heckel Discus Fish from a shipment in March. These pictures were sent to us by David in Massachusetts.

” I have been searching for real Blue faced Heckle Discus for years. When I asked Hans he sent me some unreal pics.. so I ordered the lot of 11 ( actually 10 and he threw an extra in).. These fish are gorgeous, 6 inches plus  with Unreal Color.. A couple look like they may be  almost a Colbalt blue with intense  blue body types. “

Great packing, 4 to 5 bags for each fish with a black colored bag for each fish to keep all calm. Both Boxes of Discus Fish arrived together, No problems.

*PLUS to my Huge Surprise, he added 100 Cardinals  Tetras for Free!! Thanks so much Hans. I am honored to be entrusted with such Unreal Wild Discus Fish. Great Customer Service too.  Hans really cares about his Discus. I’ll post some pics soon when they feel really comfortable. Hey, everyone is invited to come see them !!! ”

David T

Got Discus Fry???

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Well our Happy Customers sure do!!!!!!!!

Yes our Discus Breeding Pairs Do Breed

Discus Hans USA is your Best Source for Breeding Pairs of Discus Fish

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Another Happy Customer of Discus Hans USA

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Thanks to Dan in New York for this cool video of him opening  his box of the Worlds Best Discus Fish

Discus Hans USA Huge 6-7in Fish 150 each!!

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Wow Discus Hans USA has the Worlds Best Deal on Adult Discus Fish For Sale.

Check out this video then call us with your order They won’t last at these prices!!

Huge Discus for Sale $150 Each ?? Yes we are Serious !

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Discus Hans USA has the Best Deals of Discus Fish for Sale.  Hans is now offering 6-7 in Stendker Discus Fish Direct to the Customer. These fish are the large size you want for you show tank but with No work involved of raising them. If you have never tried Stendker Discus or have never had the pleasure of dealing with Discus Hans USA now is the time!!! Look at some of these beauties!!

Wild Discus Fish Video from Discus Hans USA

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