Discus Fish for Sale

Discus Hans USA is the source for Award Winning Stendker Discus Fish in the United States. These beautiful Discus Fish varieties are currently available for Sale.

  • Tefe’ Discus Fish
  • Spotted Pigeon Blood Discus Fish
  • Snakeskin Pigeon Blood Discus Fish

10 Responses to “Discus Fish for Sale”

  1. We were looking for another source to buy our Discus from. Was hoping to get a pricelist from you. Thanks, Chris

  2. […] Discus for Sale $175 Each ?? Yes we are Serious ! Discus Hans USA has the Best Deals of Discus Fish for Sale.  Hans is now offering 6-7 in Stendker Discus Fish Direct to the Customer. These fish are the […]

  3. Please send me a price list for your discus fish.

  4. hey whats the price of urs 2.5 inch discus that is for sale? i just want too know thats all plz.. e-mail me….

  5. please send a price list

  6. […] First of all when buying a smaller discus fish you will need to pay much more attention to the overall water quality. The young fish tend to be more sensitive to the changes from one day to another. You will need to feed the fish multiple time though out the day to keep the fish growing and healthy. Almost twice daily Aquarium Water Changes are suggested for optimal growth. If the fish gets “stunted in this time” it may NEVER grow into a Beautiful Adult Discus Fish. […]

  7. […] Fish House a few years ago.  Our partnership with Stendker Discus has enabled us to bring  the Highest Quality  Discus Fish for your […]

  8. For all prices you can go to: http://www.discusfishstore.com

    It’s our online store,

    Discus Hans USA

  9. I purchased four discus from Hans on 6/8. They arrived promptly and safely on 6/12. I monitored them closely, and even reached out to Hans when they seemed slow to eat the second day. Hans quickly replied and suggested I raise my water temp to 85 fahrenheit. That did the trick! Now it’s a week later and they have settled in nicely. I am SO HAPPY I purchased from Discus Hans. Next paycheck I am going to purchase 4 more fish. Thank you Discus Hans, they are beautiful, helathy fish!

  10. Erik Hoskinson Says:

    If you want the best customer service, and the most beautiful discus I’ve ever seen, then you found the right place. I have ordered from several other companies, and have never had this kind of service. I bought a pair of checkerboard, and they made my other discus look dull. Honestly. They are that colorful. CW3 retired army pilot.

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