Cobalt Discus Fish

Coblat Discus Fish

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The Cobalt or Kobalt Discus Fish is on of the original Blue Discus Fish. These were  bred for there Solid Blue color however they do show vertical through adolescence of the Discus Fish. They are different from a Blue Diamond Discus because the BD is bred to show no vertical bands at all.


5 Responses to “Cobalt Discus Fish”

  1. Ashley Menzies Says:

    I am interested in buying all types of Discus for Trinidad, West Indies. Can you send me your price list and delivery time and cost to Trinidad and the minimum order amount.



  2. […] Cobalt Breeding Discus Pairs […]

  3. […] fish are gorgeous, 6 inches plus  with Unreal Color.. A couple look like they may be  almost a Colbalt blue with intense  blue body types. […]

  4. Ashley, we only do USA and part of Canada.

    For the rest of the world, contact Stendker in Germany were all our Discus is coming from.

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  5. For all prices you can go to:

    It’s our online store,

    Discus Hans USA

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