SnakeSkin Red Discus Fish

SnakeSkin Red Discus Fish

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The SnakeSkin discus Fish have irregular fine lines on their face, forehead,  gill plates and pelvic fins. They have 12 to 18 vertical  bars instead of nine. The Snake Skin genes have been used to develop many new types of discus through out the Discus Hobby.  The German Snakeskin Discus are ready to be shipped to your tropical fish store immediately.

  • 2.5 inch Snakeskin Red Discus          In Stock
  • 3.0 inch Snakeskin Red Discus           In Stock
  • 4.0 inch Snakeskin Red Discus            In Stock
  • 5.0 inch Snakeskin Red Discus           In Stock
  • Jumbo  Blue Diamond Discus              In Stock


4 Responses to “SnakeSkin Red Discus Fish”

  1. Thien Duong Says:

    I want to see the fish before buying them. What is your address?
    How much for a Pair?

  2. Hi Thien,

    We are located in Baltimore, MD.

    You can visit, no problem, but only by appointment.
    We try to keep visits on the weekends, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
    During the week we are to busy with our whole sale.

    Shoot me an email and we set something up if you want.

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

  3. William M Kolesar DVM Says:

    I am interested in a price list. Varieties most interested in at this point are snakeskin, santerum and alunquer.
    I have been keeping aquariums for 25+ years. I have been keeping discus for only one year. My discus are all healthy and happy in planted aquariums, 150 gal, 100 gal, 55 gal. I have a nice pair of Blue Cobalt that are currently in a breeder tank and have reached the wiggler and early free swimming stage but then they disappear. I hope the move to the breeder tank will help and also experience.
    I am interested in breeding but I wish to acquire some quality fish.
    Please send an e-mail with a price list and shipping information. I would have them shipped to my veterinary clinic so that they are not missed at home.
    Thank you in advance for the information.
    William M. Kolesar DVM

  4. For all prices you can go to:

    It’s our online store,

    Discus Hans USA

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