Got Discus Fry???

Well our Happy Customers sure do!!!!!!!!

Yes our Discus Breeding Pairs Do Breed

Discus Hans USA is your Best Source for Breeding Pairs of Discus Fish

All of our Pairs are Bred by Stendker Discus in Germany. We do not sell Possible Pairs as Proven Pairs. If you provide Clean Water and Quality Discus Food you can Get Results like the photo above. Our Discus Fish are only the Highest Quality Tropical Fish For Sale.

We have Thousands of Discus Fish in Stock. And over a hundred Breeding Discus Pairs for Sale.


5 Responses to “Got Discus Fry???”

  1. Ryan McDaniels Says:

    Hans has the Worlds Best Discus Fish for sale.

  2. Dan Schlooser Says:

    Hey Hans,
    Had a great time visiting your place. The Pigeon Snakeskin pair I got are doing great! Along with fry that came along with them! Everyone is eating and happy. Hope to stop down again sometime. Thank you very much. Take Care.

  3. hi do you ship to australia if so do you know shipping costs etc would like to buy some breeding pairs

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