Discus Fish Wholesale

Red Scribbled Discus Fish

At Discus Hans USA we provide Pet shops with the most healthy Discus Fish available for the Wholesale Tropical Fish market. We have been bringing in Stendker Discus direct from Germany for our customers since 2004. The  German Discus Fish For Sale at Discus Hans USA will let you see your profits rise will a higher dollar fish. Why sell guppies and make maybe a dollar profit?? Our Discus Fish can give you a estimated profit of anywhere from 10-15 dollars per  2.5 in fish!!  Please contact us for our Wholesale Discus Price List.

Our Discus wholesale  facility has thousands and thousands of beautiful Discus Fish for Wholesale and Retail Sales. We can fill the largest order within 24 to 48 hours. Discus Hans USA also offers Breeding Pairs of Discus Fish for the serious hobbyist and seasoned Tropical Fish Breeders.   We have hundreds of customers all over the country that swear by our German Discus Fish.

Discus Hans USA keeps all of our Discus Fish around 7.0 ph with moderate hardness so the transition to your Pet store tanks will be easy and smooth.  Our Award Winning Discus Fish will sell themselves in no time !!  We have plenty of references and a list of  Fish Show Awards to show that we speak the truth.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Take a Tour of Our  Discus Fish House

Discus Hans

443- 992-6972



3 Responses to “Discus Fish Wholesale”

  1. I just wanted to add to the above statements that we have brought in these fish and I was blown away by the quality of these fish. We did not even have to acclimate them to our systems. We talked at length with Hans and prepared our systems to recieve his fish and now have the finest fish to offer to our customers. I’ve been dealing in discus for over 12 years and have become accustomed to loosing a 5 to 10% (sometimes more….alot more) of the fish upon arrival. We lost no fish and acctualy sold the entire shippment and now await for the next.
    Thanks for great fish.

  2. Hi there i’m very interested in your discuses. can you send me a wholesale list and also interested your pairs if you can send me that also. Planning on breeding. Have bought and sold discus to locals so planning to expand more. Thanks and your fishes look nice!


  3. Hi quality fish here folks. Do not hesitate to buy from Hans. He has the best Discus for sure.

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