Wild Discus For Sale from Discus Hans USA

Discus Hans is world renowned for his role in the US  Discus Fish Market. He has created a huge wholesale operation serving both the Pet Shops and the private consumer.  Hans has now began importing beautiful Wild Discus Fish from South America.  Hans decided to start bringing in the Wild Discus For Sale to his customers a few months ago.

However there is a thin line here in the United States when it comes to high end rare tropical fish. Everyone says they want the WORLDS BEST DISCUS right. But they do not want to pay for a WORLDS BEST DISCUS!! Importing these fish for customers is very time consuming  and expensive for the importer. Hans only sells quality Discus so he will pay a little more for a quality Discus Fish from the exporter to make sure you get a nice round healthy Wild Discus Fish. Many exporters from South America are very difficult to deal with and trust.  And in all honesty the world’s finest fish go to Asia not the United States. Asian hobbyist will pay for quality and the prestige of owning a rare commodity such as a Wild Discus Fish. At Discus Hans USA we hope that we can offer Great Quality Wild Discus Fish at a fair price for the United States Tropical fish Market.

Please give us a call or an email about the Current Stock of Wild Discus.


11 Responses to “Wild Discus For Sale from Discus Hans USA”

  1. please send me your list of current wild discus fish

  2. jim galbraith Says:

    could you send me an updated wild discus price and list.

  3. Francis Xavier Says:

    Would like to spend some good money on discus fry old enough to be kept.

  4. Would love to pay good money from some discus fry old enough to be kept.

  5. Rachel Brown Says:

    Could you please send me an updated price list of your wild discus.

  6. hey can u send me ur inventory and prices of ur discus, lookin to buy some quality discus.. thanks

  7. stephen freitas Says:

    please email price list of your wild discus and any photos

  8. cesar suarez Says:

    Send current stock of wild discus thank you.

  9. Cesar,

    we stopped doing the wild, because we have something better as that. The wild types bred by Stendker, way easier to keep and no problems. Look at http://www.discusfishstore.com under Alenquer, Santarem and Stendker Tefe,

    Best regards,

    Discus Hans USA

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