Show Discus for Your Aquarium Service Company

It seems that in the last few years the Aquarium maintenance and installation business is on the rise. Discus Hans USA can offer the Highest Quality German Discus and Wild Discus for your Aquatic Display. We offer all sizes of Discus Fish for Sale. We have 2.5 inch fish all the way up to the Jumbo size between 6-8 inches +.  We look forward to seeing our Award Winning Discus Fish swimming in your clients aquariums. All of our Discus are kept in aged tap water only. No need for RO units , UV sterilizers constant tapering with the water conditions. Our Stendker Discus Fish are bred for the Biggest Sizes and most intense coloration in any discus fish anywhere. We can provide overnight shipping anywhere in the United States  via Fed Ex Overnight or airport to airport service. Please contact us today for the Show Tank Discus Fish in stock.



4 Responses to “Show Discus for Your Aquarium Service Company”

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  2. Philip Tong Says:

    I am Philip Tong in Hong Kong. I want you have offer the best price to me.
    2pcs Snake Skin Blue Size: 3~4″
    2 pcs Blue Pigeon Blood Size: 3~4″
    2pcs Silver Pigeon Size: 3~4″


  3. Amazing Discus!! Top nocth supplier right here folks. Do not hesitate to buy from Hans

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