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Buying Your First Discus Fish?

Posted in Keeping Discus Fish with tags , , , , , , on November 16, 2009 by discushans

The tropical fish hobby has grown by leaps and bounds since the evolution of the internet. Rarer breeds are offered for sale directly from the importers or wholesalers.  However you do have to be careful when you are Buying Tropical Fish on the Internet.  There are a lot of good sellers and plenty of not so good as well. Here are a few things to look for to make Buying Fish
Online a smooth and rewarding adventure.

1) Research the seller!!

  • Google Search is a powerful thing! Before you spend your hard earned money of some Discus Fish from any distributor or store do your research. You can find out many things if you take about ten minutes and read what others have to say about there experiences with the seller.

2) Try to get picture of the actual fish you will be receiving when ordering fish 5 inches or larger.

  • All Discus Fish are slightly different. We all have certain traits we like more than others in our fish so it makes sense to see what your getting when ordering your Discus Online. When you are dealing with juvenile Discus Fish  it is hard to tell what the adult fish will look like until they grow out to a larger size.  Discus fish do not reach their full coloration until they are at least a 5in size.

3) Make sure you understand what you are getting when you want  the smallest discus that you can buy     because it’s cheap.

  • I know, I know times are tough but listen. When you get a 2 in or even a 3 in juvenile Discus Fish you have to really keep up with your feedings and water changes.  That means at least 25 %-30% water changes every other day. Plus feeding good quality food a couple times a day for maximum growth. If not  your fish will be stunted and never grow to their full potential. The will just exist as big eyed odd looking discus that will never grow!!   So……. in other words if you don’t or can’t make the time to grow them properly just save up your money and get an young adult fish 5 inch plus that you will be happy with for years to come.

4)  Get Your Discus Fish shipped Via Fed Ex,UPS or Airport to Airport.

  • Plan to take the day or at least the morning off. You can usually pick up your fish at your local Fed Ex or UPS hub at 9:00am if they were shipped for overnight delivery. Have the shipper specify Hold for Pickup.  This saves your new Discus Fish from bouncing around in the delivery truck for a few more hours until they reach your home or business.

The bottom line is DO YOUR RESEARCH !!!  And please remember You Get What you Pay For!!!