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Buying Adult Discus For Sale

Posted in Specials and Promotions with tags , , , , , on June 30, 2010 by discushans

When considering Buying your First Discus Fish many people fall in love with the Beautiful Full colored adult Discus Fish in pictures. However many people think instead of paying for a young adult Discus Fish, they will buy them at a smaller size and then will grow them on their own. This idea can create many problems in your Discus Fish ownership experience.

First of all when buying a smaller discus fish you will need to pay much more attention to the overall water quality. The young fish tend to be more sensitive to the changes from one day to another. You will need to feed the fish multiple time though out the day to keep the fish growing and healthy. Almost twice daily Aquarium Water Changes are suggested for optimal growth. If the fish gets “stunted in this time” it may NEVER grow into a Beautiful Adult Discus Fish.

In our opinion it is worth spending the extra 50 bucks to get a Discus Fish that you know you love the look of. Discus Fish are all unique just like people, so we never know what juveniles will turn into.

Our prices on Young Adult Discus are around $150 for a 5-6in Discus Fish.